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Continuing Education

Continuing education sucks. We make it fun. Because that’s how we continue to learn and grow and be the best we can be. Knowledge is power.

All certified REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ trainers are required to renew their certification every year by taking one course to maintain active status as a certified REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ coach. Just one course per year. That’s not so hard, right?

There are 3 ways to earn REVO₂LUTION RUNNING CECs:

1. Attend a REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ live performance a second time (or attend for the first time if you became certified via the home-study course). This option renews your certification current for two years.

2. Take a course from the list below.

3. Take a running-related course from another CEC provider and submit course info with proof of completion for approval to

Non-REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ Certified Fitness Pros
CEC courses are approved for CECs from other organizations as detailed below. You do not need to have a REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification to earn these CECs.

CEC Providers
Want to become an official REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CEC provider for your course? Please complete the CEC provider application and submit the application with the fee at the bottom of this page to

CEC Courses

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If you already have the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification, attend the one-day live performance to renew your certification for 2 years. You must submit your original REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certificate for approval. For a list of live performances, click here.

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Marathon Running
Learn everything you need to know about the marathon, including training, physiology, 10 must-do things on marathon race day, secrets of long runs, tempo runs, cross training, injury prevention, and 20-week training programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. Course includes a copy of Running a Marathon For Dummies and online exam.

RunningforWomen Women’s Running
Learn how to train female runners based on their cardiovascular, hormonal, metabolic, muscular, and anatomical characteristics. Specific topics include the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, female athlete triad, female-specific injuries, nutrition, and how to use sex differences to a woman’s advantage. Course includes a copy of Running for Women and online exam.

Cover Running for Weight Loss
Running, second only to walking as the most popular exercise in the world, burns more calories than any other exercise. Learn the 3 reasons why running is the premier exercise for lasting weight loss, how running affects metabolism and the partitioning of calories, and how to run (and eat to run) to lose weight. Course includes a copy of Run Your Fat Off and online exam.

Fitness Myths Cover Fitness Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation
Why do we think we know things that we actually do not know? From lactic acid to stretching and resting metabolism to burning fat, there are many myths and misconceptions that pervade the fitness industry. Learn the truth about many fitness and weight loss myths and misconceptions. Course includes the pdf manual and online exam.

Recovery Nutrition cover Recovery Nutrition
Nutrition may be the single biggest thing an individual can do to enhance recovery following workouts. This course delves into the science of nutrition for optimal recovery, reviewing the research on post-workout nutrition and giving recommendations for optimal nutritional recovery strategies. Course includes the pdf manual and online exam.

Cover The Inner Runner
In addition to the many documented physical benefits of running and exercise, there are numerous psychological, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual benefits. In this mind-body course, learn how running affects every part of our lives and provides a path to a more meaningful, more creative, more productive, more confident, more healthful, and more successful life. Course includes a copy of The Inner Runner and online exam.

Cover Metabolic Workouts
Get a variety of compact, science-based workouts using machines, free weights, and body weight that target the five components of physical fitness and a menu of workouts that create a complete training program. Workouts include cardio intervals, endurance tempos, sprint intervals, short circuits, plyometrics, and muscular strength, power, and endurance workouts. Course includes a copy of 14-Minute Metabolic Workouts and online exam.

For CEC providers, fee must be paid at time of application. Fee will be refunded if course is not approved. $100


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