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What is the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification?

The REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification is an in-depth educational program, offered as a live performance, home-study course, and mentorship that certifies fitness professionals and coaches to train clients and athletes to run, teach REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ classes in gyms and other fitness facilities, and use the official REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ logo and other licensed materials as part of their professional credentials.


What is the difference between the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification and other run certifications?

The REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification is the most thorough run certification on the market, with 3 categories of certification: Live Performance, Home-Study Course, and Mentorship. The following distinguishes us from all other run certifications:

• Lower cost
• Money-back guarantee (if you don’t think you have learned anything, you’ll get 100% of your money back!)
• Continuing education credits from 8 organizations that have approved the course
• Active, practical part of the live course, during which you’ll learn by doing—practicing optimal running technique with specific drills, experiment on stride length/stride rate, and VO₂max interval workout
• Continuing education courses to renew your certification
• Summary of weight loss research
• Specific, quantitative details about running technique to improve performance and prevent injury
• Opportunity to become a licensed coach and own a training group franchise
• Opportunity to become a licensed instructor of our group treadmill class
• Opportunity to become a Master Trainer and make money teaching live courses yourself


Does it matter if I attend a live performance or take the home-study course? 

No, you can do whichever is best for you. After attending a live performance, you can take the greater-detailed home-study course for a drastically-reduced price. 


What is the difference between the live performance and home-study course?

The live performance includes lecture and active parts with an entertaining teacher. Attendees will learn and practice specific running technique drills and be coached through an interval workout (facility space permitting). The home-study course includes more detailed course manuals, a video of the live performance, and an online exam.


Do I need to attend a live performance or complete the home-study course before signing up for the one-on-one mentorship? 

Yes. The one-on-one mentorship is for certified individuals who want to go beyond the details of the live and home-study courses.   


Are there manuals for the certification? 

Yes. And they’re professionally written, too. The certification course includes 9 manuals and 4 sample training programs. If you purchase the home-study course, you will receive a link to a zip folder in your receipt from that contains all of the course material. If you register for a live performance, you will be emailed the course material a few days before the live performance. 


How much does the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification cost?

Live Performance
Fitness Professional/Coach: $299 (includes certification + CECs)
Runner: $149

Home-Study Course 
Fitness Professional/Coach: $299 (includes certification + CECs)
Runner: $149
After Attending Live Performance: $59.95 (includes upgraded certification + CECs)

$750 (6 months) or $1,200 (12 months)


What is the difference between the ‘Fitness Professional/Coach’ and ‘Runner’ registration options? 

The Fitness Professional/Coach registration option is for industry professionals who wish to obtain the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification; the Runner registration option is for runners who want to learn how to become better runners or how to train for a race but do not want the certification. Those who choose Runner as their registration type will not have access to the certification exam and will not receive the certification.


Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the live performance after purchasing my ticket or after purchasing the home-study course?

Refunds for live performances are only given if the live performance is cancelled or for other emergencies. Refunds are not given if your plans have changed, your dog peed on your homework, or you changed your mind and decided you don’t want to obtain the certification. There are no refunds for the home-study course.  


Can someone register for and purchase the certification course for me?

For a live course, yes. For the home-study course, no, because each person must have an account to access the exam. If you do not register for the course yourself, the website will not recognize you when you try to log into the exam.   


Do I have to renew the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification?

Yes, because continued education is important. Knowledge is power. Your certification must be renewed every year (determined from the date on your certificate) by obtaining 5 REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CECs (the equivalent of one course). Courses can be taken from REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ or from another organization. (Individuals certified before January 1, 2016 are exempt from renewal and individuals certified between January 1, 2016 and October 31, 2016 need to renew every 2 years with 10 CECs). For more info and a list of CEC courses, click here.


What are REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ Continuing Education Credits (CECs)?

REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CECs are the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ program’s continuing education credits you must earn after becoming certified in order to maintain your certification. When you become a certified REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ trainer, you have one year from the date on your certificate to earn a minimum of 5 REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CECs. There are 3 ways to earn REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CECs. For more info, click here.


How long is the live performance?

8 hours, typically 9 am to 5 pm, with a 45-minute intermission for lunch (on your own).


Do we run during the live performance? 

Yes! It’s a running certification. You will learn and practice specific running technique drills and also be coached through an interval workout.


Where can I find a list of live performance?


Is there an exam?

Only for the home-study course. You must pass the exam with at least 80% to get certified and receive CECs. The exam is at and is 100 multiple-choice questions.


How do I access the online exam?

You need to create an account at with a username and password, which you’ll do when you purchase the home-study course. When you go to the exam page, you will be prompted to log in with your username and password to access the exam.


Is there a deadline to take the exam?

Yes and no. You have 4 weeks from the date of purchasing the home-study course (5 weeks if ordering the hard copy of the manuals) to take the exam without a fee. The exam expires at midnight in the U.S. eastern time zone. You can always take the exam, but if you do not take the exam within 4 weeks, you will be required to pay an exam expiration fee of $29.95 to access the exam.


Do I get CECs/CEUs for my other fitness certifications with the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification?

Absolutely! When you earn the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification (after attending the live performance or upon passing the exam), you receive the following CECs:

2.0 ACE | 1.9 NASM | 15 AFAA | 4 canfitpro | 8 PTA Global | 4 USA Triathlon | 8 WITS | 14 Fitness Australia


How much time do I have to take the exam?

The test is timed for 2.5 hours. There is a clock that appears on the screen while you take the exam so you know how much time is left.


When and how do I receive my certificate?

After attending the live performance, you will be emailed your certificate that will include your name, date, and the course numbers to obtain your CECs/CEUs. For the home-study course, it’s a little bit of magic: When you pass the online exam with at least 80%, you will automatically get a link to download your certificate.


Can I take the test again if I fail?

Yes. You can take the test as many times as you need to pass, once per 24 hours. Life is full of failures. So don’t get discouraged if you fail. Keep trying. There is no fee to take the exam again, as long as you re-take it within the allotted time frame (4 weeks from the date of purchasing the home-study course with electronic version of manuals; 5 weeks from the date of purchasing the home-study course with hard copy version of manuals).


How many continuing education credits (CECs) do I need to renew my REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification?

5 REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CECs every year, which is the equivalent of one course.


Can I take a non-REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CEC course to obtain CECs for my REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification?

Yes, you can petition to have the course count toward your REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ CECs as long as the course is on a related subject matter. For a list of REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ continuing education courses, click here.


Is my certification valid outside of my home state or country?

Yes, the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification is globally recognized and you can train runners under the REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ name and teach REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ classes anywhere in the world.

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