The Fat-Burning Zone: Myth or Magic – An Anthology of Fitness Articles is a special collection of fifteen of Dr. Jason Karp’s fitness articles that have appeared in various magazines around the world. From treadmill training to the top 3 cardio workouts to the fat-burning zone, this 89-page e-book will make you the fittest you’ve ever been!

Chapter 1: Resting Metabolic Rate
Chapter 2: Know Your Fitness Level
Chapter 3: The Best Types of Cardio Equipment
Chapter 4: Weight Training for Beginners
Chapter 5: Weight Machines vs. Free Weights
Chapter 6: Fat-Burning Zone: Myth or Magic?
Chapter 7: Top 3 Cardio Workouts
Chapter 8: High School P.E. Class Revisited
Chapter 9: 15-Minute Workouts
Chapter 10: Interval Training
Chapter 11: Old Way, New Way
Chapter 12: Busting Through Plateaus
Chapter 13: Treadmill Training
Chapter 14: The Art and Science of Recovery
Chapter 15: Fitness Myths, Misconceptions, and Misinformation

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