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This was one of the BEST courses I have ever been through. Like EVER! I knew that the live certification course was going to be even more amazing than the online home-study course. Dr. Karp has a passion for running that shines through nearly every breath he takes. I get a little emotional thinking back to hearing the tears in his eyes when he was speaking about running. It is a life transforming process.”

AK Whittaker

For ‘a man of science,’ he was able to communicate excellently—blew us all away with his clarity and with his research and opinions. His bio is impressive. He’s a class act. He is the first American I have heard who actually has information right and is not screwing up all methodologies.”

Priscilla Welch
6th Place, 1984 Olympic Marathon

The REVO₂LUTION RUNNING course has complemented and enhanced my education in sports medicine, and has enhanced my ability to perform as an athlete. Bringing the proven science and application of sound methods to increase the efficacy of coaching and training methods is my mission. I am proud to educate and equip coaches and athletes alike in their pursuit of optimal performance! Dr. Karp’s comprehensive and thorough categorization of physiology and training for maximizing time and effort for athletes and coaches is a program that I am proud and eager to disseminate!”  

Regina Stump

Having been involved in the fitness industry since the late 1990s, I have taken numerous certifications in order to expand my knowledge base. This was, by far, the most superior at-home study course I have ever taken. The manual is very in-depth and provides the tools to become effective coaches. As a biologist by degree and a former science teacher, I appreciate the comprehensive coverage of biology, physiology, and the metabolic pathways utilized in running economy. The sample plans are extremely helpful and provide a solid base for building plans using proper periodization. Throughout the process, Dr. Karp was accessible for questions. I highly recommend this course to any endurance athlete or coach.

Kim Townsend 

There is so much to know about running, but more than that, to understand. Which is why completing Dr. Karp’s certification, REVO₂LUTION RUNNING, was a must-do. Dr. Karp is a very entertaining presenter. I was pleased to find that his humor and voice comes through in his written material as well. The course material is not dry textbook reading and it’s not wordy-nerdy. This is important, because understanding things like VO₂max is complicated enough as it is for most of us. This course spells it out as clearly as I’ve ever seen.

Compared to the RRCA running coach certification course, REVO₂LUTION RUNNING gives you more in terms of running physiology and how that directly relates to training for races. Knowing Dr. Jason Karp has a PhD in exercise physiology, a master’s degree in kinesiology, and a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science, I’m inclined to trust he has done his research.

I greatly appreciate the coverage of women’s running and the woman’s body from mechanics, nutrition, to pregnancy, postpartum, and more.

For a 5K or a marathon, beginner or advanced, the sample training programs are helpful to see. This program is not a ‘run less, run faster’ approach.

Coaches/trainers typically want to know if a certification is worth the time and money, and if it will help them be better at what they do. If you’re already a certified coach or trainer, it shouldn’t be particularly difficult to read through the material. VO₂max and lactate threshold are things runners talk about but I’m not sure how many really understand. If you have trouble explaining these concepts or knowing how to use them in a training plan, then this course is what you want.

Tiffany Henness

The opportunity to meet Dr. Karp in person and have him answer my questions was invaluable. Overall, the course exceeded my expectations. I understand more about how my body works and what I need to run better. I feel more confident as a coach and a runner.”

Sarah Booth

Very rare is it that you find someone with so much knowledge and passion rolled into one.”

Sean Mueller

Although I have been coaching distance runners for 26 years, been through USA Track & Field Level I and II certifications, and attended countless other clinics, Dr. Karp’s course was the most thorough and linear I have ever heard it presented. I truly have enjoyed and utilized his notes to improve my training programs.”

Gary Millard

What a wonderful and powerful speaker Dr. Karp is. He has the beautiful, rare combination of intelligent, useful information to share, warmth, humor, and a genuineness that makes him very special.”

Dayle Van Lom

It is not often that one comes across an individual who captures an audience from his very first word. When I first heard Jason Karp speak, I was impressed by his ability to do just that. He has an exceptional gift of comprehending and synthesizing an enormous amount of material and then being able to teach it to others at their level so they can understand and apply the information.”

Lisa Kilpatrick

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