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“Very rare is it that you find someone with so much knowledge and passion rolled into one. Coach Karp has been working with me for 2-1/2 years and with his guidance I have achieved success beyond my wildest expectations: two-time all stater, New Haven County cross country MVP, and Nike All-American are just a few of the accomplishments I have experienced with Coach Karp. There are so many great things that I could say about coach, the one that comes to my mind a lot is trust. Early on as a runner, I was always second guessing myself if I was doing the right workout at the right time at the right pace. With Coach Karp at the helm, there is no more second guessing and I can concentrate on what I do best and that is run.”
Sean Mueller
High School All-American

“Dr. Karp is the best bargain I’ve ever seen!”
Ron Mueller
Father of Sean Mueller

“Jason’s expertise in coaching distance runners is excellent. He always conducts himself in a professional manner. He is punctual, reliable, and responsible and serves as an exemplary role model. In my experience, I have found him to be extremely enthusiastic about life with an upbeat and encouraging approach as he demonstrates sensitivity and a singular rapport with everyone. He most definitely practices what he preaches. Jason has worked hard and it is seldom that one finds an individual who embodies high ideals, integrity, and mature judgment as exemplified by Jason.”
Paul Greer
San Diego Track Club Coach and Olympic Trials Qualifier

“You are an amazing talent and have combined it with your easy wit and brilliance in coaching!”
Teri Weiher
Former Director of Content and Marketing, PTontheNET.com

“Thank you so much for your coaching. It’s a pleasure and an honor to know you and have you in my life. Thank you for who you are and the difference you make in my life and the lives of those you coach.”
Emily Jennings

“We need folks like you helping to raise this new generation of great American distance runners.”
Roy Benson
Atlanta Track Club coach and Running Times writer

“I wanted to send a letter of sincere thanks for all you have done to elevate my running to this level. I have enjoyed the small amount of time we have worked together and look forward to the many more years ahead.”
Benjamin Gailey
2:24 marathoner and 2012 Olympic Trials hopeful

“I just want to say thank you for being my coach for the last year and a half. I’ve learned a lot from you, and I’m glad I got the chance to be coached by such a distinguished and great person. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”
Genevieve Quinn

“In my opinion, a coach needs to tailor his workouts to the athlete constantly. Jason is very good at adjusting workouts.”
Jon Little
2008 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

“His patience and detail as a coach has transformed my running. As a runner for 10+ years, I feel my strongest that I have felt. Jason Karp is knowledgeable, precise, and his pursuit and passion for the sport comes through in his coaching, whether he is there on the track with you or hundreds of miles away.”
Annamarie Murphy
Master Personal Trainer & USATF Certified Coach, San Francisco Bay Area
Member, Impala Racing Team

“You’re a great coach, Jason, and I really appreciate all your advice and guidance.”
Sam Corbett

“He talks about running the way most people talk about money or sex. It’s definitely his biggest love. He applies the same stubbornness [he has] to his athletes and he expects the same stubbornness from them. He expects that when he takes on an athlete, that the running will come first and everything else will take a back seat. That is why he is a successful coach.”
Jack Karp

“Thank you so much for coaching us and for sharing all your great advice. It’s been such an amazing opportunity to get to have our own coach and really prepared me for the Boston Marathon.”
Jessica Bledsoe


“Although I have been coaching distance runners for 26 years, been through USA Track & Field Level I and II certifications, and attended countless other clinics, your three hours of presentation that I attended were the most thorough and linear I have ever heard it presented. I truly have enjoyed and utilized your notes to improve my training program.”
Gary Millard
Northwest Track Coaches Clinic Attendee

“Thank you for sharing your vast amount of knowledge with us. You are a brilliant presenter! You have impacted my training and I see my work with a whole new vision.”
Paula VandenHeuvel
FitnessFest Conference Attendee

“For ‘a man of science,’ he was able to communicate excellently – blew us all away with his clarity and with his research and opinions on altitude training and correct lactate info. His bio is impressive. He’s a class act and would be a good pull as a speaker. He even wore a suit with a tie and matching pocket handkerchief! He is the first American I have heard who actually has information right and is not screwing up all methodologies.”
Priscilla Welch
6th Place, 1984 Olympic Marathon

“What a wonderful and powerful speaker you are. You have the beautiful, rare combination of intelligent, useful information to share, warmth, humor and a genuineness that makes you very special.”
Dayle Van Lom
IDEA World Fitness Convention Attendee

“Thank you for such a great class. Your style and method of teaching really helped for a great learning environment. I don’t know many people who can talk for four hours and continue to keep the attention of a class week after week. You definitely have a knack for making learning fun, connecting with your audience, and are very knowledgeable and passionate about your subject matter. I know I will remember the teacher who was able to vacillate between being a professor and friend to all of us. Thanks for such a great class and passing your knowledge onto us.”
Deborah McDevitt
Miramar College

“I thought your presentation was the best at the conference. It was a very good balance of science, research, and practical application. In addition, your teaching and presentation skills are excellent. I look forward to another conference where you are presenting.”
Elaine Harshman
NSCA Personal Trainers Conference Attendee

“Your lecture was above and beyond enlightening. Never have I had the truth about dietary habits tied in with training put so distilled and succinctly to me before.”
Tim Davis
SCW Fitness MANIA Attendee

“You have a really unique and informative way to make your presentations fun, funny, and informative.”
Jordan Sneva
Northwest Track Coaches Clinic Attendee

“Just want to thank you for an awesome semester in Exercise Physiology at Miramar College. Talking with other students, we thought you were one of the best professors in the Fitness Specialist Program.”
Mark Sun
Miramar College

“I wanted to tell you in person how much I enjoyed your class, but I got all teary-eyed in class, and was afraid I’d get all emotional… You were a very inspiring teacher and class will never be the same without you. Your talks about life and searching for answers, about looking at things from a different perspective, and using exercise as a way to rejuvenate ourselves really hit home.”
Peggy Maloney
Monmouth University

“You were an inspiration to me. Before I began this class, I hated to walk down the street, but now I feel the need to move and be physical. Thank you for this.”
Colleen Hogan
Monmouth University

“It is not often that one comes across an individual who captures an audience from his very first word. When I first heard Jason Karp speak, I was impressed by his ability to do just that. He has an exceptional gift of comprehending and synthesizing an enormous amount of material and then being able to teach it to others at their level so they can understand and apply the information.”
Lisa Kilpatrick


“It’s always a pleasure working with you. You have a knack of explaining complex issues clearly and interestingly. ‘Knack’ is probably too small-time a word, when I’m referring to a talent that takes intellect, orderly thinking, and the ability to express oneself.”
Ed Fox
Editor in Chief, Track Coach magazine

“Your article in this month’s Running Times [Oct. 2005] was the best discussion of weight training for distance runners I’ve ever read.”
Roy Benson
Atlanta Track Club coach and Running Times writer

“You’re a brilliant writer and have the gift to express even complex concepts in a very easy way. I grasped the deeper meaning of your explanation.”
Eleonora Serra
Run-Fit.com Blog Subscriber & Reader of Secrets of Running Injury Prevention

“I loved the article in the latest issue of Track Coach—My Love Affair With Lactate. I found it very informative, and very realistically amusing. It is easily the best I have read on a most misunderstood aspect of sport science.”
Wilf Paish
Former Coach, Great Britain Olympic Track & Field Team

“Thank you for all that you are doing to improve the sport of distance running. Your continuing articles in Runner’s World are a great asset and inspiration to your fellow runners and coaches.”
Dave Bartholomew
Cross Country Coach, Deer Valley High school, Antioch, CA

“I really enjoyed your article in Idea Fitness Journal [Oct. 2008]. You have an amazing ability to simplify the most complex explanations.”
Stefan Andermann

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