Ready to run the best you’ve ever run in your life? Get a smart, effective Run-Fit training program with Dr. Jason’s polarized training method and revolutionary unlimited reps workouts to prepare for your next race. There’s over 20 years of coaching experience and running science in every training program.

Choose from 5K/10K, half-marathon, and marathon programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners. The intermediate and advanced 5K/10K programs are further divided into programs for endurance-type and speed-type runners to highlight runners’ different strengths.

All programs include an overview and description, detailed workout instructions to maximize your training and avoid injuries, and a complete calendar-style training program. You’ll feel like you have Dr. Jason as your own personal coach!

Upon purchasing a training program, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to download your program. Get Run-Fit today!

Marathon Programs

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Half-Marathon Programs

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5K/10K Programs


Wonder whether to get an endurance-type program or speed-type program? Endurance-type runners are good at holding a hard pace for an extended time, are better at longer races, can stay with other runners in the middle of races but get outkicked at the end, and feel more natural doing long runs, long intervals, and tempo runs. Speed-type runners have good speed, are better at shorter races, have trouble staying with other runners in the middle of races but can outkick other runners at the end, and feel more natural doing speedwork. If you’re unsure which type of runner you are, choose the program for the endurance-type runner.

All training programs can be adjusted to fewer number of weeks, with instructions for doing so in the programs.

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