5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Be a Better Runner


1) Commit to running more. How much you run per week has the single biggest impact on your running success because it stimulates many physiological, biochemical, and molecular adaptations. Most people can run more than they do. It also teaches you the value of commitment, which will go very far to helping you succeed.   

2) Design your workouts with a specific purpose in mind. Is the purpose to increase your lactate threshold? To improve your VO2max? Once you know the purpose, you can design the workout to meet that purpose.

3) Spend time running at faster speeds. Many runners only go on slow runs and never try to run fast. Once you have a solid aerobic base of miles behind you, incorporate faster workouts. Train using the whole continuum of paces, from slow running speeds to very fast speeds to enhance both your aerobic and anaerobic abilities. Don’t be afraid to run very fast. It’s fun!

4) Train with others, especially if they are just as fast or slightly faster than you. Other runners push you and bring things out in you that are hard to bring out on your own.

5) Surround yourself with others who support your goal and will do anything to help you achieve them.

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