If you look up the word guru in the dictionary, you’ll see something that says

“A teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern”

“One who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent”

There may as well be a picture of Jillian Michaels or Tracy Anderson in the dictionary, because people look up to them like they have 20 letters after their names.

I wonder how many people have bought Jillian Michaels’ books that she didn’t write herself. Funny how she became a writer only after becoming a celebrity. I wonder how many people have bought into Tracy Anderson’s method, only to find out that there is no method at all.  

I often wonder about other gurus, too, like Tony Robbins. I wonder how many people spend mucho money attending one of Tony Robbins’ seminars, only to come home and continue being in the same place they were before. How many people have found wealth and prosperity and fulfillment as a direct result of attending a Tony Robbins seminar?

Can I take your money to tell you how to get out of your own way and unleash the power within you? That’ll be $799 please. Plus tax.

Here are some examples of what gurus say: 


If Charlize Theron’s personal trainer says so, it must be true.


Don’t even get me started on Tracy Anderson. Although I give her credit for gaining popularity as a knucklehead.

If you ever listen to Tony Robbins, there are few things that come out of his mouth that you couldn’t tell yourself or that a college football coach doesn’t already say to his athletes in the locker room before every football game. 

Why are we so enamored with celebrities and gurus? We look up to them and hang on their every word. It’s the main reason why Donald Trump has gotten as far as he has in the Presidential race. In today’s social media society, it’s gotten worse. Now everyone from Jillian Michaels to Tracy Anderson to grandma next door has a public voice.

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]In today’s social media society, everyone from Jillian Michaels to grandma next door has a public voice.[/tweetthis]

Attractive women wearing skimpy workout clothes leaving little to the imagination are all over Instagram with their protein shakes and nutrition advice and their half a million followers. I remember the days when someone had to be a bona fide expert to have a public voice. Can we go back to those days, please?  

So stop following health and wellness gurus, and tell the people you work with to stop following them. Become the expert yourself. Knowledge is power. And with that knowledge, you’ll come to realize how little these gurus really know.

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