International Women’s Day, Estrogen, and Discount on Running for Women

  Women think it’s odd that I know so much about their menstrual cycle. But I don’t think it’s odd at all since many gynecologists and nearly all of the scientists who study women’s physiology are male. What I like most about women’s physiology is how female runners can capitalize on their unique physiology to run better. […]

Bones, Estrogen, and Milk

  I’ve been thinking about bones lately. Remember the jingle we learned as kids: “The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone, the knee bone is connected to the shin bone…”? That jingle can go on for some time since there are 206 bones in […]

Top 6 Things You Don’t Know About Running

  1. Stretching is not going to prevent you from getting injured. Have you ever run with a dog or watched a horse race? If you have, you probably noticed something interesting—none of these animals stretch before or after they run. Stretching before a workout seems to be something that only humans do. Whether stretching […]

Women Who Run

Even though they’re often hard to figure out, I love women. And I love their physiology. People think it’s a little weird that a guy is so interested in estrogen. It’s not really all that weird. Nearly all scientists that study women’s physiology and many gynecologists are male. So I guess I’m not alone in […]

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