My Love Affair with Lactate

  This piece first appeared in Track Coach magazine in Spring, 2005. It remains one of my favorite articles. Feel free to share with your colleagues and friends. It all started with an innocent race once around the track in sixth grade. Midway through the final curve, I felt something, something that would change my […]

Myths, Metabolism, and Asia

There are a lot of myths in the fitness and weight loss industry. As I put the finishing touches on my next book, THE RUNNING DIET, here’s two myths from my chapter on running and weight loss myths. Myth: Thin people have a faster metabolism. Try this experiment: Hold five copies of one of my […]

Running and Weight Loss Myths

  I’m not sure that any other industry has as many myths as the weight loss and exercise industry. In today’s blog, I’d like to share three, from my new book, THE RUNNING DIET: Myth: Eating right before going to bed will make you fat. Most nights, after dinner, I eat a bowl of cereal. […]

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