September, Asian Spices, and Green Shoes


Just got back from an hour run on the other side of the International Date Line. September starts with a trip to southeast Asia—Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. First stop: Jakarta, Indonesia to speak at the Indonesia Fitness and Health Expo.

Looks like someone is sleeping on the job. Airport security is not like it is in the U.S.


My view of Jakarta from my hotel window…


I’m excited to bring my Run-Fit SpecialistTM certification overseas. But I’m also a little anxious about spending two weeks in this part of the world, alone, with no travel partner. For one thing, I’m an anxious person to begin with. For another thing, it’s a tough place to be when you’re high maintenance. It’s hot, humid, polluted, sweaty, smelly, and the traffic and congestion make New York look like a rural town. It’s true—I, Jason Karp, am a high-maintenance guy. My twin brother got the “I like roughing it” gene. I like 5-star hotels, drinkable water, and a shower after I run. Somehow, I’ll make due. I’m resourceful and independent.

But, despite being high maintenance, I’m also blue collar. I value hard work. That’s one of the things that running has taught me. And so my running shoes travel with me wherever I go. Because wherever the place and whatever the climate, I run. I do the work.  

People like what’s familiar. It’s why Starbucks looks the same everywhere in the world, why people get back together with their exes, and why little kids carry their blankie. For me, putting on my running shoes and doing something I have done six days a week since sixth grade is my familiar. In a foreign place, where the smell of pollution, spices, and sweat hangs in the thick air and everyone looks different than me, running in my green shoes is the most familiar thing I have. Running is my blankie when I’m alone.


Come run with me when I’m in a city near you: Green shoes are optional.

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