Running, Christmas Cookies, and Luigi Cornaro

For me, the holidays aren’t just about childhood memories, shopping (which I hate to do), and carols. They’re also about food. Specifically, the food others give me. It seems that ’tis the season to give Jason Karp lots of cookies. This Christmas, like all other Christmases, people push their cookies on me, not letting me […]

September, Asian Spices, and Green Shoes

  Just got back from an hour run on the other side of the International Date Line. September starts with a trip to southeast Asia—Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. First stop: Jakarta, Indonesia to speak at the Indonesia Fitness and Health Expo. Looks like someone is sleeping on the job. Airport security is not like it is […]

How to Train

Whether you want to run around the block or qualify for the Boston Marathon, how you train can have a dramatic effect on your performance. While running just to run will certainly make you fitter, understanding all of the training components and putting them together in a systematic training plan gives you the blueprint for […]

What Does a Fitness Professional (Really) Need to Know?

Years ago, I applied to be a personal trainer in a gym. Taking one look at my runner’s body, the owner said to me, “Go work out for a couple of months and come back to reapply.” Happy as I was with my runner’s body, I never went back. But it occurred to me that […]


  Muscles are the most accessible way we have to see what our workouts do to our bodies. However, despite how many compliments you get from your Instagram pictures taken following your workouts, what matters is not what your muscles look like, but what they can do. In the early days, it was the strength […]

Valentine’s Day, Metaphors, and The Best Workout

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s only fitting to talk about my favorite body part on Valentine’s Day—the heart. From the time we’re teenagers scribbling cartoon hearts on our notebooks, we use the heart as a symbol of love. But it is also the most extraordinary muscle of our body. It is always working, from before we […]

Valentine’s Day and Your Heart

  As I discussed in a recent blog post, and is worth reiterating here, runners literally have large hearts–specifically, the size of the left ventricle, a condition called left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH).  If you’ve ever had an EKG, you can see whether you have LVH: See the two biggest points on the EKG–one pointing up […]

Regrets and the Winter Olympics

Most people who know me know how passionate I am about running. As passionate as I am about running, I am even more passionate about the Olympics. I admit, I always cry during the Opening Ceremonies. I love the ceremony of it all, the symbolism of the Olympic Rings, the convergence of the very best […]

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