Understanding Interval Training

When Swedish physiologist Dr. Per Olaf Åstrand discovered in the 1960s on a stationary bicycle in the laboratory that if you take a set amount of physical work and break that work up into periods of work and rest, you can accomplish more work at the same or higher intensity, the interval training that runners […]

Running, Cotton, and Moto 360 Sport Giveaway

I have always been a running purist. Perhaps it’s because I grew up running at a time when there were no cell phones, iPods, apps, heart rate monitors, or GPS sports watches. Indeed, I wore cotton (aghast!) T-shirts and socks to run when I was in middle school, high school, and college. Boy, have things […]

PUMA Ignite, Middle School, and Chasing Carl Lewis

On my run today, I test ran a pair of new shoes. I always love the feel of a new pair of running shoes. And I love how they smell. The smell of a new pair of shoes is like the smell of food before its eaten. There’s a lot of commotion lately about running […]

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