Why Symmorphosis Makes You a Better Runner (Plus a Chance to Win Money!)

I love magic. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician. One of my favorite illusions is Metamorphosis. First performed by Houdini, an assistant ties up the magician in a sack and locks him in a metal trunk. The assistant then stands on top of the trunk, and raises a curtain in front of her. After an imperceptible pause, she lowers the curtain, and disappears, with the magician appearing in her place on top of the trunk. The effect is astonishing, with one person appearing to have changed into another. If you blink, you’ll miss it. Although I know the secret of the illusion, I still love watching it. Since Houdini’s original version, other versions of Metamorphosis have evolved. Here’s the version by my favorite magician, David Copperfield:

So, why do I bring up Metamorphosis? Well, besides the fact that I love the illusion, the word metamorphosis reminds me of a similar word—Symmorphosis, a physiological theory that proposes that an organism’s structural design is regulated by its functional demand, that the quantity of structure incorporated into an animal’s functional system is matched to what is needed. The theory of symmorphosis tries to explain, from an evolutionary perspective, why our bodies are structurally designed the way they are. Symmorphosis implies that it is demand driving the change in structure. Structural limits can be exceeded only if the demand becomes greater.

This is what training is all about. If your training is planned right, by systematically, specifically, consistently, and progressively placing demands on the system, the structural design will change, increasing its limit. For example, in response to aerobic endurance training, the structure of your cardiovascular system changes—your heart’s left ventricle enlarges to pump more blood and oxygen with each beat and your muscle capillary network expands to supply enough oxygen to the muscles for them to function. Likewise, in response to heavy strength training, the structure of your muscular system changes—more contractile proteins (actin and myosin) are synthesized so your muscles can increase muscle force production and get stronger. Isn’t symmorphosis great?

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Happy  Symmorphosis!

Coach Jason

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