The Truth About Weight Loss

  I’ve been seeing a lot of nonsense on social medial lately about weight loss, so I made a video for you (I think that’s called a Vlog instead of a Blog). Enjoy! Share this with your colleagues, clients, and friends. And don’t forget to pre-order RUN YOUR FAT OFF, which hits bookstores in March!

Smoothies, Protein, and a Lazy Bachelor Cook

  I’ve been into smoothies lately. Perhaps because a friend gave me a NutriBullet or perhaps because I’m too lazy to cook for myself. I need a quick way to get nutrients. I love the NutriBullet, although it’s so loud I worry I’m going to lose my hearing like parents who worry about their kids […]

Top Nutrients for Women Runners

Women’s nutritional needs are different than men’s, due in part to the menstrual cycle and differences in bone density between the sexes. Inadequate caloric consumption to match the caloric expenditure of running—a common problem among women runners—puts many female runners at risk of nutrient deficiencies that can affect their health and their running performance. Here […]

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