Run-Fit Specialist Certification, Thigh Master, and 19 Million Runners


I remember my mom telling my twin brother and me that I first walked when I was seven months old, and then when my brother got up to walk soon after, I pushed him back down and he didn’t get back up until months later. I guess my competitive nature was already evident.

The ability to walk and eventually to run is met with joy from children when they discover the freedom that running confers. We have all seen the smile on children’s faces when they run around the playground.

Walking aside, running is the most popular form of physical activity. The most popular piece of equipment in a gym is the treadmill. No matter how many types of cardio equipment are manufactured, no matter how many Thigh Masters are invented, the treadmill will always be the fitness center’s holy grail. And that’s just fine with me.

There’s a certification for practically everything in the fitness industry—personal training, group exercise, yoga, Pilates, pre-/post-natal fitness, aquatic exercise, senior fitness, Zumba. But there isn’t a fitness-industry-based certification for running. Seems surprising given that there were 19 million people who completed a running road race in the U.S. in 2013, including 8.3 million who ran a 5K, 2 million who ran a half-marathon, and over 540,000 who ran a marathon. With all of the people running, it occurred to me that personal trainers and other fitness professionals could use a good certification to train people to run, whether to run a race, lose weight, or get awesome legs. So guess what I did?

They say necessity is the mother of innovation.

So I created the Run-Fit SpecialistTM certification. Last fall, I launched it as a home-study course. This spring, I decided to take it on the road and teach it as a live 1-day workshop. The re-packaged course includes 7 manuals, 4 sample training programs, an exclusive Run-Fit T-shirt to run in, and continuing education credits from ACE and NASM. The live version also includes a funny and entertaining teacher. I’m really proud of this certification program and can’t wait to share it with you!

So join me in a city near you. If you’d like to host the Run-Fit SpecialistTM certification at your facility, please contact me. I’m looking for great places to teach it. For detailed information on the Run-Fit SpecialistTM certification, visit For a list of live workshops, visit And if you can’t take the live course, take the awesome home-study course, even if it’s not as entertaining.

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