Why You Need Long Aerobic Exercise

There’s been a lot of talk and promotion in the fitness industry about high-intensity exercise. If you ask me, most of what is behind this talk is money. If we tell people what they want to hear—“all you need is a few minutes of high-intensity exercise per day”—people are more likely to buy. No one […]

What Does a Fitness Professional (Really) Need to Know?

Years ago, I applied to be a personal trainer in a gym. Taking one look at my runner’s body, the owner said to me, “Go work out for a couple of months and come back to reapply.” Happy as I was with my runner’s body, I never went back. But it occurred to me that […]

Is Your Education Getting in the Way of Your Learning?

  For the past two years, I’ve been writing a column on education for Personal Fitness Professional magazine. It’s given me a good opportunity to reflect on my own education, what it really means, and how it helps (or doesn’t help) my career. In the book Why We Run, zoologist and ultramarathon runner Bernd Heinrich […]

Run-Fit Specialist Certification, Thigh Master, and 19 Million Runners

  I remember my mom telling my twin brother and me that I first walked when I was seven months old, and then when my brother got up to walk soon after, I pushed him back down and he didn’t get back up until months later. I guess my competitive nature was already evident. The […]

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