Top 10 Marathon Tips

  1. Pace The best way to run your fastest possible race is by starting out at the pace you can maintain the entire race. So run the first mile at the pace you expect to average for the whole marathon. You can’t put running time in the bank. You will end up losing more […]

Mileage, Time, and Run-Fit Specialist Discount

Beginning in the seventh grade, I became fascinated with time, specifically how fast it moves and how each year seems to go faster than the previous year. Time spent running is also interesting—the second half of runs always seem to go faster than the first half, and some runs seem to fly by while others […]

Long run, fuel belts, and Rice Krispies

Today I ran 18 miles (approximately, since I don’t have a GPS) as part of my New York City Marathon preparation. It’s been very hot in San Diego (September and October are the hottest months here), so I woke up at 5:30, ate a small breakfast of a bowl of Rice Krispies cereal (don’t judge […]

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