Top 10 Marathon Tips

  1. Pace The best way to run your fastest possible race is by starting out at the pace you can maintain the entire race. So run the first mile at the pace you expect to average for the whole marathon. You can’t put running time in the bank. You will end up losing more […]

Lessons from Running in the Middle of the Pack

Today I ran a half-marathon in the middle of the pack, as I sometimes do, as an easy long run. I don’t often like running long by myself, so jumping in a local half-marathon gives me a chance to run long with others. Shortly after starting, I saw two guys holding up a sign for […]


  Muscles are the most accessible way we have to see what our workouts do to our bodies. However, despite how many compliments you get from your Instagram pictures taken following your workouts, what matters is not what your muscles look like, but what they can do. In the early days, it was the strength […]

Picking the Right Running Shoe

You take approximately 1,000 steps with each foot with every mile you run, so you want every one of those steps to be as comfortable as possible. With all the different types of running shoes on the market and all their bells and whistles, how do you know what you need? The choice is actually […]

Running the Right Pace

I was asked today if I could share some advice in my blog about how to learn to run at the correct speed. Well, of course I can! Most runners train haphazardly, without any real sense of purpose, and then are often disappointed with their racing results. When you train with a purpose and understand […]

5 Things To Become a Better Runner

Do these 5 things to become a better runner: 1. Polarize your training. When you run easy, run very, very easy. When you run hard, run very, very hard. For a distance runner, hard doesn’t always mean faster. Hard can also mean increasing the volume of work performed at a given speed. Running for close […]

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