Top 10 Marathon Tips

  1. Pace The best way to run your fastest possible race is by starting out at the pace you can maintain the entire race. So run the first mile at the pace you expect to average for the whole marathon. You can’t put running time in the bank. You will end up losing more […]

Asia Fitness Convention, Chicken Curry, & Running in Bangkok

Well, the Asia Fitness Convention is off to a great start! Fitness professionals from all over Asia are here in Bangkok to learn about the latest fitness trends. Here’s a picture before my presentation on women and exercise. The conference is a lot of fun. Asians love their cameras – everyone wants to take a […]

New York City Marathon Prep and VO2max

With 5 weeks to go until the New York City Marathon, I’ve started to include some interval training in my marathon preparation. Once per week, I’m going to the track to push my heart rate to it’s maximum to attend to my VO2max. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Given the popularity of VO2max and it’s […]

Long run, fuel belts, and Rice Krispies

Today I ran 18 miles (approximately, since I don’t have a GPS) as part of my New York City Marathon preparation. It’s been very hot in San Diego (September and October are the hottest months here), so I woke up at 5:30, ate a small breakfast of a bowl of Rice Krispies cereal (don’t judge […]

10 Weeks Until the New York City Marathon — Embracing Endurance

10 weeks until the New York City Marathon! I’m enjoying the end of my recovery week. Only 35 miles this week, after the last two weeks of 50. Next week, I’m building up to 55 miles, including one acidosis threshold run of 4-5 miles, one long tempo run of 9-10 miles over rolling terrain a […]

New York City Marathon

Now that the Maccabiah Games in Israel are over, I’ve turned my attention to the New York City Marathon in November, which I’m running as part of the American Cancer Society’s DeterMination program in memory of my mother, who passed away of metastatic breast cancer in 2010. I’ve been wanting to do something in memory […]

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