Running, Christmas Cookies, and Luigi Cornaro

For me, the holidays aren’t just about childhood memories, shopping (which I hate to do), and carols. They’re also about food. Specifically, the food others give me. It seems that ’tis the season to give Jason Karp lots of cookies. This Christmas, like all other Christmases, people push their cookies on me, not letting me […]

What Does a Fitness Professional (Really) Need to Know?

Years ago, I applied to be a personal trainer in a gym. Taking one look at my runner’s body, the owner said to me, “Go work out for a couple of months and come back to reapply.” Happy as I was with my runner’s body, I never went back. But it occurred to me that […]

Do You Need To Mix Up Your Workouts?

In the fitness industry, I hear the term “mix it up” a lot. Personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and coaches consistently tell their clients and athletes to constantly change the training stimulus to ensure adaptation—to “mix up your workouts.” In marketing their services, I see personal trainers say that when you train with them, “every […]

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