Two Schools of Thought

“There are two schools of thought,” the college coach said to me seven years ago, as I watched the 800-meter runners run 200-meter reps on the track at 800-meter PR pace in November. She was referring to how to train middle distance and distance runners — with lots of speed training or lots of endurance […]

Running the Right Pace

I was asked today if I could share some advice in my blog about how to learn to run at the correct speed. Well, of course I can! Most runners train haphazardly, without any real sense of purpose, and then are often disappointed with their racing results. When you train with a purpose and understand […]

5 Things To Become a Better Runner

Do these 5 things to become a better runner: 1. Polarize your training. When you run easy, run very, very easy. When you run hard, run very, very hard. For a distance runner, hard doesn’t always mean faster. Hard can also mean increasing the volume of work performed at a given speed. Running for close […]

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