Running the Right Pace

I was asked today if I could share some advice in my blog about how to learn to run at the correct speed. Well, of course I can! Most runners train haphazardly, without any real sense of purpose, and then are often disappointed with their racing results. When you train with a purpose and understand […]

Thanksgiving and Turkey Muscle

Coach Jason’s Thanksgiving Fact of the Day Ever wonder what the difference is between your turkey’s white meat and dark meat? It’s the difference in muscle fiber types. The dark meat of your turkey dinner is composed of slow-twitch endurance muscle fibers and therefore contains lots of myoglobin (the protein that transports oxygen inside your […]

New York City Marathon Prep and VO2max

With 5 weeks to go until the New York City Marathon, I’ve started to include some interval training in my marathon preparation. Once per week, I’m going to the track to push my heart rate to it’s maximum to attend to my VO2max. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Given the popularity of VO2max and it’s […]

5 Things To Become a Better Runner

Do these 5 things to become a better runner: 1. Polarize your training. When you run easy, run very, very easy. When you run hard, run very, very hard. For a distance runner, hard doesn’t always mean faster. Hard can also mean increasing the volume of work performed at a given speed. Running for close […]

Why Symmorphosis Makes You a Better Runner (Plus a Chance to Win Money!)

I love magic. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a magician. One of my favorite illusions is Metamorphosis. First performed by Houdini, an assistant ties up the magician in a sack and locks him in a metal trunk. The assistant then stands on top of the trunk, and raises a curtain in […]

10 Weeks Until the New York City Marathon — Embracing Endurance

10 weeks until the New York City Marathon! I’m enjoying the end of my recovery week. Only 35 miles this week, after the last two weeks of 50. Next week, I’m building up to 55 miles, including one acidosis threshold run of 4-5 miles, one long tempo run of 9-10 miles over rolling terrain a […]

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